Sierra Resources Ordering Information

This page will guide your organization through the Ordering Process.


Step 1

Contact Sierra Resources via E-Mail or Telephone to obtain the current price(s) for the product(s) that you require for your project.


Step 2

Have your organizations’  Purchasing Department E-Mail the Purchase Order to Sierra Resources. Your order must include complete Billing information and complete Shipping   information. Shipping will be pre-paid and added to your invoice.


Step 3

Sierra Resources will confirm your order and the shipping information back via E-mail.

*Sierra Resources Is a Central Contractor Registered Company (CCR). We accept all credit cards for payment.

*Terms are Net 30 Days for customers within the United States or payment via Credit Card.

*Payment for Shipments outside of the United States must be negotiated prior to shipment.

*Microplate products are shipped overnight on cold packs Monday thru Thursday.