Sierra Resources Company Profile

Sierra Resources International was founded in early 1997 and incorporated in July of 1997 in the State of Florida. Our vision was to bring a professional and ethical organization together that would be able to represent laboratory diagnostic products to any market where there is a need for quality products and an ethical presentation of those products to any distributor, any government or any medical facility.

In 1998 Sierra legalized Sierra Resources Mexico SA de CV to commercialize products and operate in Mexico. Sierra Resources contracted products with the Secretary of Health, the Army, the Mexican Social Security Hospital System and private medical facilities and businesses.

Sierra Resources International achieved international awareness with the introduction of a Rapid One Step HIV test that would allow medical personnel to detect HIV infections in 5 minutes in a non-laboratory field based situation and without the need for expensive laboratory equipment.

In 2003 Sierra Resources International added an extensive line of EIA and ELISA Microplate assays to its portfolio of products. These products gave Sierra a direct line of supply to pharmaceutical research organizations and clinical research organizations. With the addition of these assays, Sierra Resources has become known as the “Leader in Microplate Assays”.

Sierra Resources International has commercialized products in the United States, Mexico, the Philippines, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Canada and Italy. Our relationships include governments, militaries, and private intuitions.

Going into the future, Sierra Resources International is perfectly positioned to recognize new technology and testing and bring those new test assays to commercialization to support medical care throughout the world.

Years in Business